30+ hilarious examples of cats hiding in the most random places

Cats love to hide, and let's admit it: We cat owners enjoy finding them in strange, sometimes inexplicable locations. It adds to the mysterious aura that cats have, and the results are almost always incredibly cute or downright hilarious.
This video collection features some of the oddest places that cats have been caught hiding. Does your cat hide in any of these spots? Watch these clips and compare.
1. No baths means no baths.
This sweet, hairless cat doesn't like to be bathed, so he "hides" behind the towel rack on the kitchen sink. I hate to break this to you, buddy, but we can still see you. Good luck with that bath. Watch this kitten's cute attempt to avoid the inevitable.
2. Maybe this cat works for McDonald's.
This cutie cat has a grand time hiding in a McDonald's paper bag with just the top of his head and eyes revealing his location. This kitty must really love his McDonald's. Not even a toy ball can get this guy to leave his refuge.
3. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Guinness the cat decided that crawling underneath the kitchen cupboards was a brilliant idea. That is, until he had to climb out! Watch how Guinness gets out of this tight situation in the video below.
4. Don't be afraid, buddy.
Merlin the cat sometimes hides when he is spooked, and this time he took to the basement ceiling. Watch how Merlin gets up into this space in the video below.
5. Hiding spots are excellent places to execute sneak attacks.
As two cats hang out on the kitchen counter, little do they suspect that their brother is hiding in the cupboard behind them. Check out what this sneaky cat does in this hilarious video.
6. This cat's flexibility is beyond impressive.
Watch as this amazing cat squeezes into his hiding space in the couch and then just as quickly re-emerge. It is amazing how he works his way down in between the cushions.
7. Here is a cat who works for his hiding spot.
Norris the cat has a favorite sleeping spot: his owner's shirt drawer. But in order to get in that drawer and hide, Norris has put in some effort. Check out what this cat does to get the hiding spot of his dreams.
8. And you thought peanuts were only good for packaging.
Most cats are attracted to boxes, but the cat in this clip cares more about what was in the box: packing peanuts. He loves to play hide-and-seek in them. Check out this cute video below.
9. Nugget's hiding spot is downright brilliant.
If you are going to hide somewhere, it might as well be somewhere comfortable. At least that appears to be Nugget the cat's mentality, as her hiding space is curled up underneath the covers. Watch this cute cat in the video below.
10. This cat wants to go back on holiday.
Chapy the cat may have just returned from vacation, but that doesn't mean he wants to leave his suitcase behind. It has now become his favorite place to hide. Watch him bop in and out of the suitcase in the following clip.
11. Merry Catmas!
You have to look closely at this photo, and then you will see him: a beautiful brown tabby high up in a Christmas tree. He blends in so well that it turns out to be a good place to hide if you don't want to be found. These owners are deckin' the halls with this cute kitty.
12. Hiding and lounging are the same thing to these cats.
A cat owner began to wonder where his cat was hiding and what she was up to, only to find that the hiding spot was inside his couch cushions. Also, the cat created a new entrance and exit by tearing out the couch lining. Time for a new couch!
13. It's bright, it's pink, it's a perfect place to "hide."
Moose, a beautiful ginger and white cat, loves to "hide" in plain sight, meaning in the bright pink tube in the middle of his living room floor. Moose "hides" so well in his bright pink tube.
14. When you don't want to be found, head for Route 66.
When Rollie the cat is on the lookout for little sister Princess, the young cat hides and naps in a doghouse fashioned to look like a teepee. Hey, it works for Princess.
15. Cat: "No one can see me hiding in this purse."
Well, that's not quite true, but we'll give this cat points anyway for fitting in this large handbag. He even tries to sink into the purse as his owner speaks to him.
16. I'll have a Coke and a cat.
Anyone heading over to grab a soda from this box might be surprised to find a cat hiding in there instead. It's a box, the cat fits, so it qualifies as a hiding spot.
17. Hiding in see-through plastic doesn't work very well.
This little kitten didn't feel like playing with her canine friend, so she went to hide in the plastic wrap of a bottled water carton. Unfortunately for the cat, the dog can still see where she is hiding. Check out this interaction in the following clip.
18. Birdhouses are for more than just the birds.
This cat's hiding spot is too smart. He has managed to climb up into a birdhouse in his backyard, and now he has the advantage of having the perfect hidden spot to hide and a chance at catching a bird or two as well.
19. This cat hides so he can torture his fellow feline friends.
Sushi the cat enjoys hiding behind the door and sneak attacking his brother cats whenever he gets a chance. Watch this hilarious cat at work in this adorable video.
20. This little kitten is in the perfect hiding spot.
Perched on a young woman's shoulder, a little cat has the perfect place to hid right underneath her hair. Keep your eyes open as the camera pans in on that cute feline face.
21. If he doesn't move, you can't see him
George the cat thinks that if he is under this rug, he is invisible. That may not be the case, but we think he's adorable anyway. Watch this cute little guy in the video below.
22. Dressing gowns are awesome hiding places.
This cat has the right idea. He is hiding under his owner's robe, so he has the perfect place to be warm and hidden. Smart thinking!
23. Well, that is an expensive place to hide.
Sugarmouse likes to hide in her owner's expensive and ornate vase. Watch as this amazing cat crawls all the way into the vase, pops her head back out for a moment, then uses her spot to pull off a sneak attack on her sister cat. Hopefully, her owner has some insurance on that vase.
24. It's all part of a master plan.
When this cat and chihuahua play, they mean business. In this clip, the cat hides behind the garbage can, leaving the dog confused as to where he has gone. Watch what happens when the cat reveals where he has been hiding.
25. Would you like a cup of cat with that?
This adorable kitten is so small she can fit right inside a pint glass -- one where she apparently thinks she is hidden from view. This is probably the cutest thing ever.
26. It seemed like a good hiding spot at the time.
This poor cat just wants to hide in this large tote bag and be left alone, but his plan to disappear for a little while has failed miserably. Check out how his fellow feline and even his owner won't give him some "meow" time.
27. Best hiding spot ever.
This cat has the best spot: It's high enough off the ground, you have to climb the top of the fridge to get there, and it has a door that closes behind him. And just like that, he's gone! Watch this cat disappear in the clip below.
28. This cat uses his hiding spot to his advantage every night.
It's like a version of "Groundhog Day": Every night this pet owner and her rescue dog come up the stairs for bed, and every night they fail to remember that the cat is in hiding around the corner, waiting to pounce. Check out this funny video.
29. Here is a real scaredy cat.
Imagine being at a cat show and surrounded by loud noises, stressed-out felines and heavy crowds. That was this cat's situation, and so he tried to solve it by hiding under his litter box. Watch his tail as it scoots across the floor in the following clip.
30. He's right in front of you!
In this funny video, a golden retriever runs around the house trying to find his feline friend who is hiding in a water bottle package on the floor right in front of him. Have a laugh as you check this clip out.
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