30+ cats that think their dog pals are pillows

Dogs and cats may be frequently cast as rivals, but many pet owners know that often, the two species end up as best friends. Cats can be particularly finicky about where they sleep – or on whom – and in this collection of videos and photos, the felines have decided that their canine friends make the best napping spots.
Check out the photos and videos below and watch as dogs and cats work together to find the comfiest way to sleep. These dogs and cats are hilarious, cute and heartwarming, so enjoy!
1. Best beanbag chair ever.
Farina the cat has no problem making this husky her sleeping spot for the afternoon. She throws in a gentle massage before she settles in while barely disturbing her friend.
2. More sleeping, less wiggling.
Pancho the rescued kitten loves his best buddy, Jinxy. In the video below, the kitten is trying to get comfortable on the dog's back but has a hard time staying still. Check out the look on the dog's face.
3. Multiple angles, same nap.
Neither one of these two are inclined to move one bit. They are just too comfortable. These are two pals that know how to help each other out.
4. This cat sleeps with his bodyguards around him.
Here we have a Maine Coon cat who enjoys nothing more than using his husky friends as a giant pillow to sleep on and near.
5. Here is a cat who had to fluff his pillow.
This ginger cat has found a wonderfully compliant puppy to sleep on. But first, the cat needs to knead the puppy so he's nice and warm for her nap. Watch this sweet clip below.
6. These kittens blend in with the dog.
Two adorable kittens have found the perfect spot to nap: right on their canine buddy's neck and back. They match the dog's coat so well that they almost seem to disappear.
7. Sometimes it's hard to get comfortable on the couch.
This beautiful cat loves to nap on the couch with her dog friend, but in this video, she takes her sweet time stretching, rolling and pawing at the dog before setting in for sleep. Watch these two sweet pets in the following clip.
8. This dog is the best.
Here's a sweet and patient retriever mix who is inundated with kittens. While some sleep curled up own the dog's side, one ginger tabby decides to use the dog's face as support while grooming.
9. Naps are better with your best friend.
A sweet little dog and his feline friend are literally wrapped up in each other's arms as they nap together. The love they have for each other is so cute.
10. This video is pure cuteness overload.
Wrapped up together, the dog has his head underneath the cat's chin. He is awake but staying completely still so that the cat can continue to sleep. This is too cute for words.
11. This kitten has one devoted doggo.
This beautiful retriever works hard to barely move a muscle so that the tiny foster kitten asleep in his back is not disturbed. So sweet and totally adorable.
12. If we fit, we sit ... and nap.
Kitty and Max are best friends who enjoy curling up as tight as they can into a computer chair. Max is wide awake, but Kitty is dozing in an out while her dog buddy patiently cuddles her.
13. BFFs for life.
Little kitten Piper and Mr. Fox the dog are living proof that cats and dogs can get along. Watch as this sweet cat snuggles up and on her canine pal.
14. This dog and cat are as still as can be.
Talk about sound asleep. The dog is so still it looks like he isn't breathing, and the cat, once she is settled on top of the pup, does the same thing. Clearly these two animals have complete trust in each other. Watch this loving video below.
15. Even a dog needs to move once in a while.
The cat in this video loves to sleep on the dog and even wraps his paws around the dog's leg to keep him in place. Check out what happens when the dog tries to move away.
16. You can never have too many friends.
Watch this adorable video of two dogs surrounded by and slept on by four Savannah cats. These six pets are beyond content; they trust each other completely. Watch the sweetness in the following clip.
17. This cat just dropped a big hint.
A cat and dog are snuggled up together on a couch. Watch as the cat lets out a big yawn indicating that she is ready to sleep, and check out how this loving canine responds.
18. Snore, purr, snore, purr, repeat.
This cat is all curled up on her dog, and the two are fast asleep and looking so peaceful. They are proving to the world that dog and acts really can be best friends.
19. This cat has found her perfect place.
Mia the cat loves to fall asleep tucked next to the side of her friend, Mishka. Notice how she is lodged in between Mishka's side and inner leg. It's a perfect fit.
20. Friends who nap together, stay together.
This gray tabby cat couldn't be more comfy snuggled on his best dog buddy. Here are two best friends who are just so happy to be in each other's company.
21. Its purr-mania when this kitten naps on her dog.
Listen to this little kitten purr! This cutie is so comfortable on top of this chihuahua that she falls asleep on the spot. Watch the adorable buddies in this video.
22. How the tables have turned!
In a reversal of sorts, check out this adorable picture of a dog using his cat as a pillow. The cat seems pretty content with having a dog lying on top of him.
23. All good naps end with a tail nip.
All is peaceful with this napping duo until the dog wakes up and realizes that the cat is lying on his behind. When he tries to move, the cat strikes back. Check out this interaction below.
24. The legs are comfortable, too.
Charlie the cat loves to lie on his friend Yoshi but not on the dog's back like other cats. For Charlie, nothing but curling up and lying on Yoshi's legs will do.
25. This dog loves to lounge in the kitty's arms.
This cat might by lying on the dog, but it looks to us like the dog is taking advantage of this situation by being cuddled while he falls asleep. What do you think? Watch this clip and see.
26. Outside naps work just as well as inside naps.
This dog and cat combo have found the perfect place to catch some shut-eye while also enjoying the fresh air. Curled up underneath a patio table, these two are contentedly enjoying a snooze together.
27. Would you like a massage with your nap?
This cat is wide awake as he ever so gently kneads the face of his canine companion. A woman provides a funny voice-over that adds extra humor to an already intense-looking situation.
28. Calico snuggles on her dog.
This pretty kitty likes to nap on her dog friend's behind. Hey, if it works for you, cat, then go for it. She looks pretty content to me.
29. This nap is enhanced by some camera dramatics.
This kitten has no problem sleeping on the back of a large dog. Sometimes it's cozier to nap with someone else.
30. True contentment exists between Max and Pixie.
We couldn't think of a better photo with which to end this article. Max and Pixie are best friends and it really shows when you see this photo. They are the perfect complement to each other.
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