30+ moments between a dog owner and their dying baby that will prove the loving connection between animals and humans

It is the hardest decision for a dog owner to make, and the price we pay for having a loving canine companion in our lives: euthanasia. Quality of life may dictate that your dog's time has come, but that never makes the pain and grief easier to bear.
The following collection of images focus on the last moments or days that owners spend with their dying dogs. Grab a box of tissues and hug your dog tight as you look at these pictures.
1. A final goodbye.
A woman clings to her beloved dog as he leaves this world and enters the next. She lies with her pup on the floor of the veterinarian's office, crying into her dog's fur. Her love and grief is painfully apparent in this moving photo.
2. A final resting spot.
This owner cradles her dog's head as he rests it one last time on her feet. The dog's eyes begin to close in peace as his head is supported by the owner's sandal. The dog passes away peacefully with his owner's love and support.
3. A final snuggle.
In this picture, a young man snuggles on the bed with his devoted dog before her passing. Their expressions mirror the fact that they know this is the last time they will be together. The love and sadness is evident in both of their eyes.
4. A final hug.
A woman breaks down crying and hugs her dog as he passes away. She cradles his head and holds him one final time. The grief in her face is heartbreaking.
5. A final goodbye.
A crown of flowers graces this majestic St. Bernard as her dedicated owner gives her one last hug goodbye. The man holds his dog's head and closes his eyes as he leans against her face. Rest in peace, beautiful pup.
6. A final paw shake.
This owner holds onto her dog's paw as he dies. The picture brings to mind the many times we dog owners have had our dogs "shake" our hands. The picture is a reflection of the connection between a dog and his owner.
7. A final cuddle.
This sweet little dog prepares to pass away quietly and at peace while cuddled in her owner's lap. Her face rests by her owner's knees as she slowly closes her eyes. The owner has taken pains to make the dog as comfortable as possible.
8. A final picture.
This dog and owner take one last picture together before the ride to the veterinarian's office. Curled in his owner's arms, the dog leans against her for comfort. The sadness of being parted from each other can be seen in their eyes.
9. A last kiss.
In this beautiful photograph, a dog owner gently kisses his dog on the head one final time. The love, trust, and understanding in the dog's eyes just hurts the heart. He knows he goes to a better place, but must leave behind his best friend in the process.
10. A collection of memories to accompany a last embrace.
This dog owner captured his last moment holding his dog and edited in some of his favorite pictures and memories of his beloved pup. From super hero to sweet pup, this dog was clearly loved by this man.
11. It's the toughest goodbye.
This woman embraces her pup one more time before they enter the veterinarian's office. The expression on the woman's face perfectly characterizes the agony of this parting moment. Her eyes are red with unshed tears as she stays brave for her dog.
12. A final, loving smile.
This loving look is the last one this owner receives from her golden retriever. Perhaps he was saying, "Thank you for a good life." In the dog's eyes is a reflection of the love and trust he has for his owner.
13. A final lean against a shoulder.
This dog owner spent the last evening of her dog's life holding him against her body. Cuddled close, these two friends value every one of their last minutes together. The look in the dog's eyes and on his face will make you want to cry.
14. A final moment.
Eyes red with unshed tears, this owner hugs her sweet dog for the last time. The dog's eyes are closed as she cuddles up with her owner, clearly placing her trust in the person she loves. Eyes red from tears, the woman kisses her dog's head.
15. From hello to goodbye, this owner reflects on her life with a dog.
This dedicated dog owner crafted a collage of pictures, from the beginning of her relationship with her dog, to the last hug on the dog's last day. From the dog's younger, more rambunctious years to the times when his muzzle started greying, these pictures capture the happy life this pup had. The dog's smile in the lower left picture says it all.
16. A final day to carry around a favorite bone.
This owner took a lovely picture of her dog's last day spent in part with one more tasty bone. With a smile on his face, this dog holds the cherished bone in his mouth as his owner holds him for the picture. We hope you enjoyed that last bone, pup.
17. A final portrait together.
This black-and-white portrait of an owner and her dog spending time together on the dog's last day is beautiful and moving. The trust and affection that exists between these two is clear in their expressions and in the way the dog leans against the woman. The picture captures the connection between owner and dog.
18. A last kiss goodbye.
This woman gives a goodbye kiss to her sweet dog before he passes away. The impending pain of her loss can clearly be seen in her profile. The dog's response to her is incredibly moving and loving.
19. A final swim.
This owner took her dog for a final day of swimming, and from these pictures, he had a wonderful time. Look and see how relaxed and happy the dog is as he wades in the water. What a sweet old dog!
20. A final rest in the sun.
It's the last time this lovely Saint Bernard will curl up and relax in the sun by the patio doors. The owner captured the dog's stature and age beautifully in this picture. The dog's eyes reveal a combination of world-weariness and comfort.
21. A final ceremony.
This dog's owner had a funeral for her little puppy, with beautiful floral arrangements. The dog was surrounded by some of her favorite things in life. The collection of pictures is a reminder of the contrast that exists in both life and death.
22. A final ride.
This dog is carried one more time by his owner into the veterinarian's office. Eyes clouded by cataracts, the dog nonetheless trusts his owner and lies quietly in his arms. The man's expression reflects the inevitability of this moment.
23. A difficult separation.
This young man grieves while giving his sheepdog a final, loving hug. He will miss the dog who has been his best friend for most of his life, and it appears that the feeling is mutual. The dog leans into the boy, reluctant to part from him.
24. A final sacrifice.
Like many other pet owners, this woman chooses to be by her dog's side as the euthanasia procedure starts. With her arm around her pup and fighting back tears, she whispers words of comfort to her beloved dog. The dog listens carefully to her what she says.
25. A final day on the beach.
This gorgeous retriever's last day was spent in one of her favorite places, the beach. The dog and her owner spent this final day together, soaking up the sun and enjoying each other's company one more time. This black-and-white picture captures the dog's beauty and the gravity of the moment at the same time.
26. A final ear scratch.
With her dog's head in her hands, this owner gently scratches her puppy's ears as he gazes lovingly at her. The dog knows that something here is different; the sadness in his face seems to reflect that thought. The loving hands that cup his face do so with care and love.
27. A final romp through the woods.
This lab's last day is spent on the trails, walking through autumn leaves on the ground at the side of his owner. With the fall colors blazing the background, the dog lies down for a moment amongst them. His muzzle greyed, the dog look off into the distance, a sad expression in his eyes.
28. A final bike ride.
This little guy's last day included a favorite activity with his owner: riding in the front basket of the owner's bicycle. Mouth open and panting happily, the dog seems ready to enjoy the ride. The picture captures his excitement and eagerness.
29. A final gaze.
Before the euthanasia drugs set in, this dog's owner captured the final look that the dog gives to him before passing away. A lifetime of love is captured in the reflection in the dog's eyes. Here is a dog who passed at peace with his life.
30. A final moment with a friend.
This picture shows beautiful dog on his final day. He is sitting outside in the grass and visiting with the family bunny. The two seem to gaze knowingly at each other, one at the end of life and the other at the beginning.
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