You'll never see anything as sweet as these 30+ dog and baby moments

Kids and dogs are synonymous with childhood and growing up. A dog is a kid's best friend, sometimes from the very first day the child meets the dog. What is often forged between two pure souls is a friendship that lasts a lifetime.
This collection of videos features babies and young kids with their four-legged companions. These clips are guaranteed to make you smile and maybe reminisce about your childhood canine companion, so sit back and enjoy.
1. The dog understands the baby, but he's still not moving.
In this adorable video, a baby girl seems to be lecturing her dog about breaking a major house rule: sitting on the couch. Although he listens respectfully and attentively, the dog's reaction in the last few seconds of the clip is priceless.
2. This baby has an automatic four-legged attendant.
Charlie the dog loves little Laura so much that he enjoys rocking her cradle to calm her down or help her sleep. Check out the cuteness in this clip.
3. These guys are true partners in crime.
This very clever baby boy and his loyal hound team up to sneak into the refrigerator and grab some snacks. It all goes well until the dog senses they've been caught and ditches his partner. Watch this funny scene in the following video.
4. You're getting very sleepy ...
After fighting it for a few moments, sweet puppy Callie decides to join the little baby sleeping in front of her for a nap. Watch how gentle the puppy is when she lays her head down on top of the child. This video is so heartwarming.
5. This little boy loves to smooch his pooch.
In this clip, an adorable baby kisses the family dog on the nose and then receives a big, slobbery kiss in return. Watch this sweet scene below.
6. Welcome to The Buddy School of Crawling.
Buddy the dog is an expert at the front crawl, so he is the perfect tutor for the young girl as she learns how to use her arms and legs to get around. This video is too cute to miss.
7. This dog is a ready-made pillow.
Here is a young boy who is falling asleep while he is kneeling on the floor next to his dog. He slowly tips over right onto the loyal pup who is waiting to break his fall. Watch this cute interaction in the following clip.
8. They speak each other's language.
We might not know exactly what the conversation is between this young child and her husky, but they clearly understand what they are saying to each other. Check out their discussion in this video.
9. "I've got you covered, kid."
The sleeping baby in this video is not fully covered by her blanket, so her dog comes to the rescue. Watch as this loving pup tries to cover up the baby in this clip.
10. This sweet dog loves to make the baby laugh.
Pumpkin enjoys racing around the living room floor making her little boy giggle and laugh. Watch how sweetly the two interact as they play together in this video.
11. This kid's dog is also his chauffeur.
Have dog, will travel. Young Abram gets the royal treatment, and lots of fun, when his dog Haru pulls his stroller on the family's daily walk. Check out how much fun this kid is having in the video below.
12. This dog is love personified.
In this heartwarming clip, a beautiful, gentle husky plays with a baby. The dog is patient yet playful and even flips over on her back at one point to give the baby a kiss. Watch this sweet video; it will warm your heart.
13. Let's jump together!
This baby girl is enjoying her jolly jumper, and her dog is enjoying chasing the shadows she makes. The result is two happy campers jumping all over the place! Watch the cuteness unfold in this video.
14. It's a dance party and everyone is invited.
In this cute and funny clip, a little baby copies her canine friend who is twirling around in a circle for a treat. The happiness on this child's face is beautiful. Check out this team in the following video.
15. The winner of this game gets the carrot.
A baby girl and her incredibly patient Labrador both want a carrot; the little girl wants to play with it, and the dog wants to eat it. Check out how gentle this dog is around this child even when she literally shoves the carrot in his face.
16. This baby is crawling on a friend.
A baby crawling in her backyard quickly makes her way over to the family dog, a Komondor, who is lying peacefully on the patio. Immediately upon seeing his little friend, the dog rolls over and exposes his belly for some tummy rubs. Watch how patient this dog is as the little girl sifts through his fur and touches his face. Too sweet!
17. It's a baby and a puppy: Cuteness ensues.
This tiny puppy sees the baby as a good buddy to nip and play with, and it turns out he's right! Check out how these two cuties play together in this endearing video.
18. You are part of the pack, kid.
Listen to the amazing song that this dog sings to calm down the crying baby at his feet. He calmly howls until the baby stops crying and visibly relaxes. Watch this incredible video below.
19. There are very few things more heartwarming than this video.
Get the tissues out for this clip. Watch as a loving dog reaches out and connects with a Down syndrome baby. It is beyond beautiful to see the way the dog and child react to one another.
20. A little dog with a gentle nature inspires smiles from this baby.
Ammo the dachshund loves to play with this baby girl, and the result is that we can all laugh along with their silly antics. The child's laughter is infectious, so watch this clip if you are in need of a pick-me-up.
21. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Penny and Max are introduced to the new baby in the family in this video. Watch as they gently greet him and, true to their nature, accept him into the family pack.
22. These two cuties will be best friends for life.
Rookie the boxer and his best buddy, Brayden, love to play in the house. Rookie is so gentle and careful with the boy, and Brayden is having the time of his life. Check out how they play in this sweet clip.
23. This dog was a groomer in another life.
In this adorable video, a baby boy snuggles on the couch with his loyal pup. The dog begins to groom the baby, licking his face and ears and eliciting the cutest giggles from the baby. This video will definitely put a smile on your face.
24. Someday you'll be able to do the same thing, tiny human.
This little baby is positively delighted when his dog stands up on his hind feet and twirls around in circles for a treat. Watch and laugh along with the baby as this dog dances away.
25. Catch those bubbles!
The 10-month-old baby in this clip cannot contain her laughter as she watches the family dog jump up to eat the bubbles floating around in the air. That laughter is definitely contagious, so expect to laugh hard while watching this video.
26. Watch out for those dogs!
This baby is doing his own thing while the family pups play tug-of-war in the same room. But when they trot by the baby, they catch him with a pretty solid clothesline. The kid wasn't amused, but dad sure was while capturing it all on tape. Watch the fun in the video below.
27. What's that smell?
Everybody farts, especially babies. In this video, though, it's every dog for himself. Watch as the baby's canine companion on the chair takes off at the first whiff of gas.
28. This patient dog deserves a reward.
All Coco wants to do is take a nap, but her best friend BB would rather Coco wake up and play. Check out how patient at the dog is even while the baby pulls small handfuls of hair off of her coat.
29. Now that's teamwork.
Once the baby in this video realizes that his dog wants to try to catch the water coming out of the hose in his hand, the game is on. Who is having more fun here, the baby or the dog? Watch and see.
30. There's a piece for you and a piece for me.
The baby in this clip is hand-feeding pieces of kibble to her dog, but she stops to try a few pieces herself as well. Watch her reaction to the food in this cute video.
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