In 2 months this tiny street kitten made a total turnaround after feeling a little love

Domestic cats have been companions for humans since ancient times and are even more popular than dogs as pets. Sadly, a large number of cats are in need of adoption and care. A cat owner who no longer wants the cat or is no longer able to care for a cat may drop the cat off at a shelter or simply abandon it. Worse, a cat may be a victim of animal cruelty.
Take this cute little rescue kitten who was thrown out of a moving car in Port Richey, Fla. A Good Samaritan witnessed the incident and dropped the injured kitty off at SPCA Suncoast, a local animal shelter.
The rescue kitten was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, which made it very hard for her to smell, causing a lowered appetite. She also had road rash and was so weak that she couldn't even eat from a bottle.
Staff worked tirelessly around the clock to help her get down some food so that she would survive and, hopefully, regain a little energy.
The next day, April, the name staff gave her, was responding well to treatment. "We definitely see some signs of improvement since she's been taking antibiotics," said Kerrianne Farrow, SPCA Suncoast's executive director.
After 10 days, April had gained half an ounce and could eat from a syringe, and one morning, after staff wiped her down with a wet wipe, she started grooming herself. This was the first time April had shown any sign of normal kitten behavior, a SPCA Suncoast staff member posted on Facebook.
Before the animals shelter released April for adoption, they placed her in a medical-based foster with shelter staff to ensure she recovered from pneumonia and her road ordeal.

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