12 foods that are safe for your dog to eat

It is a general rule of thumb amongst dog owners that you should not feed your dog human food. In many cases, that is true; dogs and humans metabolize their foods differently. The result in some cases are foods that prove toxic to canines.
However, some people foods are safe and even healthy for your dog to eat at least occasionally. Check out this list of 12 foods your dog can generally eat without issue. Give them a try, but introduce new foods slowly to avoid stomach upset. By trying new foods, you might provide some needed variety in your dog's diet.
1. Baby carrots
Crunchy vegetables such as baby carrots make for a perfect and healthy snack for your dog. They are low-calorie and chock full of vitamins and nutrients such as fiber, and they keep your dog's teeth nice and clean.
2. Salmon
This particular fish contains essential fatty acids like omega 3s. Cook some bits of fully cooked salmon and add them to your dog's usual food for a shinier, brighter coat and healthier skin.
3. Berries
Berries of any kind – blueberries, strawberries, blackberries – are healthy treat options for your dog. With lots of antioxidant power, these small fruits pack a powerful, healthy punch. Feed berries as treats in small amounts at first to avoid sudden stomach upset. Frozen berries make for sweet, refreshing snacks for your dog in the summertime.
4. Watermelon
This fruit is the definition of a superfood: It has vitamins A, B6 and C, as well as potassium and plenty of water. Just be sure to remove the rind and seeds before you feed this treat to your dog.
5. Pumpkin
Raw or canned pumpkin is a premium source of vitamin A and fiber. It is a perfect topper for your dog's food, especially if he is having gastrointestinal issues.
6. Green beans
Freshly cooked or canned green beans, as long as they do not contain salt, are a filling, low-calorie snack for your dog. This delicious treat provides plenty of vitamins and iron.
7. Oatmeal
An excellent source of fiber, oatmeal can be an added help for dogs with bowel irregularity issues. Cook the oatmeal thoroughly before serving it to your dog, and do not add any sugar.
8. Apple slices
Take a seedless apple and slice it up to provide a sweet or tart snack for your dog. Apple seeds naturally contain cyanide, so use only seedless apples as treats.
9. Broccoli
Nutrient-rich, broccoli – raw or cooked – is an ideal vegetable to serve as a snack as long as there are no oils or seasonings added. Feed it sparingly though as too much too soon can cause your dog to develop an upset stomach.
10. Rice
Plain white, cooked rice is easy for dogs to digest and can help to settle an upset stomach. It also provides an energy boost through its carbohydrate and lactic acid sources.
11. Peas
Add peas to your dog's food for the perfect little snack. They are full of potassium and phosphorus, nutrients that keep your dog happy and healthy. Offer frozen peas during the warmer weather as a cold, crispy snack.
12. Cheese
In general, cheese is a safe snack for dogs – provided it is given in moderation. Try to use lower or reduced-fat options if you choose to feed your dog this food.
Always view the people food listed here as a treat for your dog and not food to be given in large quantities regularly. Although these are healthy foods, too much of any food will cause stomach upset, so feed in moderation. Check with your veterinarian to make sure you are spicing up your dog's life with the foods that will keep him healthy and happy.
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