Kitten abandoned in a fieldĀ is lucky enough to get a second chance

This is the story of one incredibly lucky kitten. Abandoned in a field, left to fend entirely for himself, the kitten faced daunting odds of survival. Then, two men walking across the field spotted the kitten, caught him and decided to bring him home with them. The men, Andreas and Filiz, would give this kitten a loving home for the rest of his life.
There was only one catch: Andreas and Filiz already owned an adult female cat. Would she accept the kitten in the house or would she react poorly and reject the new addition? The men introduced the two cats slowly and were overjoyed to see their cat's positive reaction to the kitten.
The older cat was grooming the younger one and giving him little nips. The kitten curls up next to the adult cat for comfort and reassurance. The cat's tail gently twitches as the kitten snuggles even closer.
At one point, the kitten gets a little too close and earns a nip and pat on the head from the cat. She quickly begins to groom him and assure him that he is welcomed and liked.
How can anyone tell if one cat accepts another? Some cats rub their faces or bodies against one another. Cats will lie next to or sleep next to cats they trust and like. Intertwined tails and closeness indicate bonding. Mutual licking and grooming are additional signs of cats who enjoy each other's company.
It looks like this kitten was accepted into the family by the adult cat and has a happy future ahead. Thankfully the right people found him and the right cat bonded with him.

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