Brother and sister kitten found alone and injured are saved by good samaritan

The two kittens were found alone, injured, and orphaned near Phoenix, Arizona. They were five days old, and no one knew how long they had been without their mother. Both kittens had wounds on their legs and needed immediate care and treatment to survive. Thankfully, the person who found these little ones contacted a veteran kitten rescuer, Melinda Blain.
When Blain saw the kittens' conditions, she was amazed they had lived as long as they had. "The tortie girl was only 85 grams, while her brother was 120 grams. She was the weight of an underweight newborn at five days old," Blain said. However, both kittens were fighters, and they seemed to draw strength from each other.
The ginger cat was named Buddha and the tortie Bonsai. This brother and sister had their injuries treated with antibiotics to prevent any infections. The kittens were inseparable, and if separated, they would cry for each other. But they seemed to realize that they had landed in the right place with the right rescuer. "They purred the minute I picked them up. They just seemed to know that they were so loved," Blain said.
It didn't take long for the kittens to regain their health. Bonsai gained 15 grams in just one day, and with Buddha by her side, she continued to bloom. Blain said, "She is a great little fighter and has the loudest purr [...] She quickly caught up in size and healed since she had such an awesome appetite and fighting spirits."
By their tenth day, the kittens' eyes were open, and their bellies were rounded and full. They began to find joy in cuddling and snuggling with each other and with Blain. "The brother and sister duo get extra cuddle time in the morning, and they always end up zonking out during snuggles," Blain explained.
Together, the siblings have learned to use a littler box and recently they have begun to eat solid food. Blain said, "They're almost totally weaned and haven't lost their desire for constant snuggles."
As they grow physically, the kittens' personalities are becoming more distinct. "Bonsai is a little explorer and she loves climbing, and Buddha loves snuggling and playing with his sister," said Blain. "They always fall asleep on my lap after playtime, and I always find them cuddling together."
From certain death, these two kittens were saved by good people and by Blain's love and care. She hopes that when the kittens are ready for adoption soon that someone will adopt them together. That way, Buddha and Bonsai will always have each other to cuddle.

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