Adorable dogs re-create the Nativity scene to bring a little holiday cheer

The Nativity scene is one internationally recognized and celebrated during the Christmas season. Nativities can be found in places of worship, on people's front lawns and in festivals of light. Because the Nativity's setting is in a manger, barn animals have often been included in the scene. In living versions, it is not unheard of to see sheep, donkeys, a cow or even a camel add to the authenticity of the event. But what about a canine version?
Wags to Riches, a canine pet service in Mountsorrel, England, decided to create its own Nativity scene with dogs playing all the parts, from Mary and Joseph to the Three Kings, and even a pup in the manger itself. The result has been a few years' worths of adorable canine Nativity scenes.
As anyone who owns a dog knows, it's hard enough to get your dog to wear something on its head or body much less stay still for a few moments. As Wags to Riches found out the first year of its dog-themed Nativity, not everything goes as planned when dogs are the stars of the show.
The first year of the dog scenes, the Wags to Riches staff posted the picture on its Instagram page. The explanation for being one king short of three was that the errant "wise man" had wandered off.
For the last few years, Wags to Riches has been entertaining followers with these adorable Nativity scenes. Regardless of what part they get to play, these dogs definitely steal the show whether they are in the final picture or not.
These pups can definitely elevate your holiday spirit and bring a smile to your face. In fact, if you look closely at some of these pictures, even the dogs seem to have smiles on their faces.
Hopefully, Wags to Riches will continue to make the season a bit brighter with more canine Nativity scenes every year. Happy holidays to everyone from these sweet dogs.

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