Neighbor cuts holes in fence for the dog next door and it's so adorable

At a time when walls and fences dominate our national conversation, one story of a woman who opened her heart to a canine neighbor – and put a couple of holes in her fence – teaches the right way to make a connection with others. In a world where people want to put up barriers, one woman decided to let a new friend in.
Jennifer Bowman and her dog, Olive, live in California, and they began to feel sorry for their next door neighbor's German shepherd, Penny, who would always jump up to try to look over the stockade fence between the yards. Poor Penny would jump and jump and jump to give the quickest little "hello" bark before gravity pulled her back down.
Bowman took a power drill and drilled three strategically placed circles in the fence, two for Penny's eyes and one for her velvety nose. "[I] Got tired of the neighbors German Shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot," Bowman stated. "I think she likes it."
Indeed, Penny seems to love this shortcut to seeing her new friends without having to exert so much energy jumping and barking. Plus, she looks pretty cute, too. Now Penny can see what is going on in her neighbor's yard and feel like she is part of the family.
Thanks to Bowman's kindness, Penny will have a picture perfect way to stay connected with her neighbors. So here's to fewer walls, more holes in fences and friendlier neighbors. Check out Penny jumping and peeking through the fence in the video below.

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