6-year-old dropped off at shelter with his bed and toys

When Lab mix Wall-E was just a puppy, he found himself in Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix. Wall-E found his forever family, though, and quickly learned to love his new life full of treats, toys and attention.
But the seemingly happy ending to Wall-E's tale didn't last forever. In September, Wall-E, now 6, was returned to the Arizona shelter. His owner cried as he said goodbye to the dog, and dropped off Wall-E with his toys and his dog bed in two trash bags.
Understandably, Wall-E was heartbroken at being separated from his family, and there's no way to explain to him that his family did the best they could. Wall-E's family's circumstances changed and they no longer had enough time for the dog. So, they surrendered him in hopes he would find a better home.
Wall-E was scared in his new surroundings and barked constantly when in his kennel. The dog couldn't keep his bed and toys in his kennel, and he was confused and depressed by the situation. The shelter was drastically different from the life that Wall-E had known.
Because Wall-E was so upset, potential adopters passed him by because he seemed defensive. Outside of the kennel, though, Wall-E was a different dog and enjoyed playing with volunteers. Staff and volunteers knew that Wall-E was very sweet, but adopters couldn't see it because of his kennel behavior.
Wall-E spent two months at the shelter. Jordan Bader, who runs a Facebook page for the dogs of the shelter, decided to tell Wall-E's story in an effort to find him a home. Bader knew that the photo posted would be heartbreaking and would garner attention but completely underestimated just how far the post would actually reach.
When Lynn Lee saw the Facebook post, she headed right to the shelter to meet Wall-E.
Lee brought her own dog with her to the shelter to see if Wall-E would fit in with her family. Both dogs hit it off, and Lee knew that she needed to bring Wall-E home. Wall-E's Facebook post had been up for just a single day, but the dog had found his new home.
Since heading to his new home, Wall-E has thrived. He gets along well with Lee's family, loves to cuddle and enjoys going to dog parks.
Wall-E finally has a forever home, and he's letting his true personality emerge. He has everything a dog could ask for: a family, another dog to play with and a brand-new dog bed.

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