After spending 5 years at a shelter, Diamond the dog finally finds a forever home

Too many dogs end up in shelters around the country through no fault of their own. Diamond was one of those dogs. At the age of three, this pup had a happy home where she lived until sadly, her owner passed away. Suddenly, Diamond's entire life was turned upside down. She was brought to the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, Virginia, where she would stay for most of the next five years.
At first, it seemed that Diamond's residence at the shelter would be a short one. Within a few days of arriving there, she was adopted out to a new owner. Unfortunately, the homeowner's association of the owner's residential community outlawed pit bull and pit bull-type dogs, so Diamond was returned to the shelter.
Then, someone else adopted Diamond, and the shelter staff hoped that this would be the right home for her. Unfortunately, Diamond didn't get along with the other dog in her new home, and she was once again brought back to the shelter. Thus began Diamond's five long years at the facility.
Shelter staff loved Diamond for her sweet, gentle personality, but they knew how hard it could be to place a dog in a new home if that dog loves people, but not other household pets. A home where Diamond would be the only pet was necessary to ensure that the lovable dog wouldn't be returned yet again.
The shelter arranged for a trainer to work with Diamond and stated that "Diamond is very bright and eager to please, and is making great strides towards remaining calm when spotting another dog. For an adoptive family, AWS would eagerly involve them in the training."
Finally, after five years, the right person for Diamond walked through the shelter doors. The pooch has been adopted into a loving home where she is the only pet, so she gets to be spoiled rotten and have her human all to herself. In return, this kind person now has a best friend for life. Here's to a happy life in a forever home for Diamond.

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