Dog returned to shelter 8 years after being adopted

When Daisy arrived at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in the UK, she was just a puppy. Puppies often find homes quickly, though, and Daisy was adopted after spending just 15 days in the shelter. Everyone believed that Daisy had found her forever home, and for years she did have a loving home. But Daisy was brought back to the shelter eight years after she left.
It turns out that Daisy's family could no longer care for her, so they brought her back to the same shelter they had adopted her from. Daisy, now 10, is confused by the change. She's spent more than 100 days in the shelter, and even worse, no one has shown any interest in her. ​
Daisy's age is likely making it difficult for her to find a new home. Many families opt for puppies or younger dogs because they can have the dogs for their entire lives. But puppies and younger dogs require lots of exercise and training, a fact people often forget.
Older dogs are more laid back than puppies, and they often already have at least some training. An older dog is probably more willing to relax on the couch and enjoy some attention than a younger, more energetic puppy.
Though Daisy's age makes her a senior, don't tell her that – she still acts like a puppy. Her large size means that an adult home with limited visitors would be best, especially if the owners have had large breeds before. Daisy can be a little unsure with new people, so she needs a place to walk where she won't come across too many new people. When Daisy builds a bond with you, she'll be very loyal. She needs a home where she's the only pet.
Daisy loves to cuddle on the couch and play with soft toys. She's been carrying stuffed toys around for comfort since being brought back to the shelter.
Sweet and loving, Daisy is looking for a family who will love her in return. The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has posted a photo of Daisy and explained that she's earned the title of "the unluckiest rescue dog in the UK." Hopefully Daisy's luck will turn soon and she'll find a new, loving home.
If you live in the UK and are interested in adopting Daisy, contact the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

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