Gimo the cat mesmerizes everybody with his big and adorable eyes

All cat owners imagine that their cat is the cutest one in the world, but they would be hard pressed to beat this big-eyed, fluffy-furred black feline. Say hello to Gimo, an adorably cute cat who is guaranteed to elicit an "awwww" from anyone who sees him. Once you set eyes on this cutie, you'll never forget his face.
Don't worry if you can't stop looking at Gimo's big yellow eyes and rounded face; you are far from alone. Gimo's Instagram page, which he shares with his feline siblings, has more than 274,000 followers, most of whom are there because they, like Gimo's owners, can't resist that face.
Gimo is a Scottish Fold cat, and his genetics lead to part of his sweet and captivating charm, notes the Cat Fanciers' Association. This cat breed has ears that are folded downward and forward on its head, making it appear like an owl or teddy bear. The folded ears occur because of an incomplete dominant gene, the result of a spontaneous mutation.
All Gimo's fans care about is his precious, winsome look and the large eyes that look as if he is continually being surprised by something around him.
It's easy to see why Gimo gets his way with his owners. All it takes is a slight tilt of the head, the quizzical look in his eyes and that adorable face, and Gimo is guaranteed to get whatever he wants.
Whether Gimo is posing for pictures with one of his cat siblings, lounging on the floor or hanging out in a cardboard box, he is the center of attention for his owners and his thousands of adoring fans.
Gimo's mesmerizing eyes are set off equally by his cute little nose and his gloriously shiny and fluffy coat. Other cats seem to pale in comparison to Gimo.
What could make Gimo cuter? How about a costume? Check out the darling Halloween costume Gimo wore in October to celebrate his favorite black cat holiday.
There are many beautiful and charming cats in the world, but right now, Gimo has the market cornered on adorability and sweetness. Follow Gimo and his fellow cats on Instagram, and check out the video below for a look back in time to a young Gimo pouncing at the camera.