Louis the cat bonds with horse and a beautiful friendship began

Louis, a Siamese cat, was living the good life in his home in England with his human mom, professional horse trainer Emma Massingale. He was used to watching his mom walk out the door every morning and head over to the stable. One day, he decided to join his owner and see what all the fuss in the barn was about. That day, a beautiful friendship was born.
Massingale first met Louis when he belonged to a friend and was instantly charmed by him. "His owner then went through a separation and she couldn't keep Louis so I, of course, said I would have him," Massingale explained. Louis immediately took to his new home, and then he discovered what the stable housed.
"He started off just following me to the stable and walking along the walls or fences nudging the horses with his head. Then he started to jump on their backs and sit there or jump on and then off the other side to get somewhere," Massingale said.
Louis loves all the horses and they love him, but his favorite equine friend is Comet. They can often be seen walking through the area with Louis riding on Comet's back. The duo loves to walk on trails, over bridges and through the woods. For a feline, Louis' horsemanship abilities are impressive, and sometimes he even hops on the back of other horses in the stable, such as Hewie.
"Comet and Louis seem to be a good combo. If he wants the horse to stop he bites the pony's mane. It's crazy but funny to watch," Massingale said. "If Louis gets bored he just jumps off but he seems to love it as he stays up there for ages. Sometimes we ride together in the arena, and other times out and about. And sometimes Louis and his brother Remi will ride together."
Friendship takes many forms, and this one is sweet and unique. Louis the cat and Comet the horse will be best friends forever.
Celebrate this beautiful friendship between these two animals, and check out Massingale's video "The Perfect Ride!" below for more of their story.

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