In an attempt to get back inside, lovable pup rings the doorbell

Dogs are empathetic as well as intuitive creatures, but have you ever seen one try to ring a doorbell? Thanks to a well-placed surveillance camera, you can.
Marshall is a good dog with a healthy sense of adventure living in Spokane, Washington, with his owner, Greg Basel. Because he is a 3-month-old golden retriever, Marshall is often getting into mischief. But after he escaped from his home one night, it seemed immediately apparent that he'd bitten off more than he could chew.
Marshall regretted his decision to escape almost as soon as he got outside. In this video taken by his owner's surveillance camera, one can clearly see the distressed pup trying desperately to get back inside.
He first tries scratching at the door, but then he attempts a little something he picked up from his owner and rings the doorbell! Marshall uses his little sniffer to press the doorbell, which makes a sound like someone knocking on the door, several times in the video. (In case you were wondering, Marshall's cries – or knocks – for help were eventually heard, and he was let back inside.)
If you need a laugh today, this video of a little puppy who immediately realizes he's made an error in judgement and tries to rectify it in the cutest way possible will have you in stitches.
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