Meet Norman, the adorable pom husky

Dog lovers adore all dogs, of course, but they often tend to have strong preferences when it comes to the types of dogs that attracts them. Some dog lovers who adore big dogs, and others prefer little dogs. The same is true of dogs with big fluffy coats versus dogs with sleek, short coats.
Norman, a Pomsky, brings together the best of both worlds. This Pomeranian-Husky mix isn't just adorable but is a unique blend of the breeds. His coat coloring and facial structure are distinctly that of a Husky, but his tiny body is much more reminiscent of a Pomeranian. In short, Norman is unique.
Since his parents adopted him about two months ago, Norman has been taking Instagram by storm. His Instagram page depicts photos of this pup living the life in Los Angeles, and it rapidly amassed a following of more than 100,000 Instagram users.
Once Norman was in his new home, his parents, Rachel and Matt, couldn't resist sharing his cuteness with the rest of the world. So, they created Norman's Instagram account.
Rachel and Matt post photos showing Norman's daily activities. The photos also show off how unique Norman is. Just take a look at his adorable ears and the dark circles around his eyes.
Norman is the first Pomsky to achieve such internet fame.
Because Pomskies are hybrids, their physical appearance can be a bit unpredictable, according to Pet Guide. Pomskies are generally regarded as highly intelligent, playful dogs.
It's evident how much Norman's family adores him, and how could you blame them? He's adorable! Norman's fans are lucky to be able to watch this little dog grow up and share in all of the adventures that he's bound to have. ​

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