Minnie Wynne the dancing Frenchie is the cutest dancing pup

The sight of a dog dragging his bottom across the floor is probably not something new, but watching one move and groove to a musical rhythm probably is. Minnie Wynne, a French bulldog, is making waves in the musical dance world.
For at least two years now, Minnie Wynne's owners have been posting videos of the her jiving to different musical tunes. When the television comes on with a music video, Minnie gets up on her backside and starts bobbing to the rhythm.
Although many dogs drag their bottoms on the ground because of some kind of irritation, such as clogged anal glands, tape worms or allergies, as Pet Health Network points out, this doesn't appear to be case with Minnie.
Jeff Wynne replied to one concerned follower on YouTube, "We brought her to the vet yesterday just to give her a full once over. She has an inverted tail, and she rubs it, but she loves the telly and watches it all the time, and there is also a possibility of a very light form of epilepsy. She goes into her own world, but she is really healthy, and the vet is very happy with her."
Even with her friend circling her during her dance routine, Minnie keeps on going and with actual rhythm, not just random movement. The Wynnes kicked off Christmas in November of 2018 with their tree and some music, and Minnie got in on the festivities, dancing her own jig. Check out her Christmas routine below.

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