These sibling cats were abandoned in the freezing cold but are now living the life they deserve

The two kittens were outside in freezing cold temperatures, and their lives were in danger. They were trying to find some food to eat when people in this Brooklyn neighborhood spotted them and decided to help. These individuals contacted Infinite Hope, a feline rescue group, and volunteers raced out to find them and save their lives.
It wasn't easy for the Infinite Hope staff to catch them. "The kittens wouldn't come that close to people on the street, so I went with another TNR volunteer and we used humane traps to catch the kittens. It was after we caught them that we realized that their faces look different," said Michelle, one of the volunteers. When they took the kittens to the veterinarian, they found out the kittens' faces were unique because of a chromosomal abnormality that will not affect their health.
The kittens were estimated to be between 4 and 5 months old. The ginger kitten, called Daktyl, has a condition called entropion. His eyelids roll inward toward his eye, causing him significant and constant irritation and pain. Infinite Hope staff realized that for Daktyl to have made it this far, he had to rely on his sister, the brown tabby Morela, for support. She never failed him.
To prevent the pain in Daktyl's eyes, he had to undergo surgery and sutures were put in to keep the eyelid in place. As soon as he returned to their foster home, Morela curled up around her brother and resumed her role as his protectress.
Both kittens are sweet, although Morela is understandably more outgoing whereas Daktyl is shy. "The fact that they were as mellow as they were makes us think that they may have been indoors initially and then put out on the street," said Michelle from Infinite Hope. "He is definitely comforted by being with his sister and we are planning to adopt them as a pair."
Thankfully, that is precisely the fate of these two adorable cats. Both Morela and Daktyl were adopted together, so these siblings will never be parted. Their new names are Calliope and Auggie.
The siblings did exceptionally well in their new home during their first Christmas indoors. Despite temptation all around, this brother and sister behaved accordingly. Their new owner said, "I just want to say these two have been amazing throughout December. No tree was climbed, no decorations broken, they are so good. We did play with an ornament or two but that’s why mommy put the soft ones and bells on the bottom!"
Morela and Daktyl, two devoted siblings, have gone from freezing on the streets to living in comfort and style. Better yet, they are living lives full of love and warmth. Best of luck to these two sweet cats.

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