Heartbroken dog left at the curb with the trash when owners moved away

A neighbor noticed the big dog first. He was shivering and sitting in an old recliner amid a pile of trash at the curb of his former home. For unknown reasons, his owners had moved away. They took what they wanted with them, but Ollie-Loo wasn't one of their wanted belongings and was left outside with the garbage.
Even worse, the neighbor saw the owners come back for their small dog, but they still left Ollie to fend for himself. Loyally waiting for his people to return, Ollie curled up in the chair, watching the street.
DAWG volunteer Terri Looby was in a nearby neighborhood searching for another abandoned dog when she happened to see Ollie sitting in the pile of trash. "He was all curled up as tight as he could get. I got out of the car, he lifted his head, I started going over towards him and I saw the tail wagging. I used baby talk, I said ‘come on buddy, you’re OK.’ He came towards me and just started licking my face,” Looby said.
Looby could tell right away that Ollie was in rough shape. A trip to the veterinarian's office confirmed her hunch: Ollie was emaciated and had a broken femur. Once DAWG shared Ollie's story on their Facebook page, kindhearted animal lovers around the world chipped in to help cover the pooch's extensive medical bills.
Slowly, Ollie began to heal and thrive. He was placed in a foster home where he was loved and cared for, and where he played and had fun with the foster mom's two pugs. In this home, Ollie started to trust people again.
Recently, DAWG made a wonderful announcement: Ollie has been adopted! His new pet parent adores Ollie, and this sweet pup is now set for life. Ollie will never be abandoned and treated like trash again. Instead, he'll be loved and spoiled as all dogs should.