16+ sleeping puppies that are just way too cute

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy? How about a whole bunch of sleeping puppies? With their floppy ears and round bellies, puppies are naturally adorable, but there's something extra-cute about them when they doze off.
These 16 puppies have struck some seriously cute sleeping positions. From curling up on the couch to to making themselves comfortable, well, just about anywhere, these puppies are sure to deliver on a daily dose of cute. Take a look at these snoozing pups and just try to determine which one is the cutest.
1. If you've ever had a fussy baby, then you probably know the magic of car rides when it comes to lulling them to sleep. Evidently this puppy also finds car rides to be super relaxing. Add in a soft blanket and it's no wonder it's snoozing.
2. It seems that puppies find some of the best sleeping positions. This pup looks like he's getting some quality beauty sleep. Point those paws!
3. Sometimes you need a little help to achieve that perfect nap. Plus, hardwood floors aren't puppy nap-friendly. This lucky pup gets a mini bed, a pillow and a blanket all of its own.
4. No dogs on the couch? Better not tell that to this puppy. It was time for a nap, and the couch is where it's at.
5. Flexible? Check. Wrinkles for days? Check. Adorable puppy paws? Check.
6. Sometimes you just have to stretch out to get some quality sleep. Clearly this puppy has no shame. Now there's a comfy pup.
7. This puppy has the right idea. If you stretch while you're sleeping, then there will be more time for playing when you wake up. Maybe we should learn from him.
8. Someone's sound asleep and super comfy, too. Not only is the pile of paws adorable, but those ears? They're perfect.
9. Not the most flattering pose in the world, sure, but can't we let her sleep in peace? Big dogs need their rest, and between the couch cushions and an extra pillow, this dog has found the perfect spot. If you look closely, you can almost hear her snoring in relaxation.
10. Is there anything better than puppy belly wrinkles? Not really. Sometimes pups get so tired that they fall asleep before they even get a chance to lie down. If you have a camera ready, that results in unforgettable shots like this one.
11. Talk about a deep sleeper. Here is proof that not only can puppies sleep anywhere, they can sleep through just about anything, too. The windowsill isn't a common sleeping spot for dogs, but this puppy is making it work.
12. Speaking of sleeping anywhere, this tiny pup has no problem stretching out on a shoulder. After all, it's a self-heating bed, and could anything be more comfortable? The pup looks like it doesn't have a care in the world.
13. Need a pillow? A shoe will be fine. Puppies and shoes don't generally mix so well, especially if you like shoes without teeth marks, but in this case it's safe to make an exception.
14. How would you like to have this pup as your coworker? Stress relief, entertainment and maybe a little bit of distraction? Sounds perfect, until you find the pup asleep on the job.
15. Puppies have their own distinct sleeping styles, and some carry these habits with them through their lives. This pup's dainty crossed paws make for a cute touch. Maybe it will continue this habit into adulthood.
16. Sometimes you need some company for your nap. This puppy has found that a toy makes a great sleeping buddy. Plus, as soon as the pup wakes up, it'll be all set to play.
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