4 neighborhood friends bond together to help a dog in need

Four neighborhood boys were helping an older neighbor move when they saw a sight the next house over that stopped them in their tracks. It was an emaciated dog tied to a vacant home with bungee cords. There was no doubt at all in these boys' minds: They had to find a way to save the dog.
Kenny Dancy, 13, Kenneth Dancy, 11, and Kevin Dancy and Andrew Daniels, both 7, decided to win over the dog first with slices of bologna; the dog was only too happy to oblige. They untied the dog, wrapped her in a jacket and took her home. For the present, the dog, who the boys named Sparkle, was warm, safe and fed. Unbeknownst to Sparkle, these compassionate boys had put her on the path to a life of love and care.
Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue heard about what the boys had done and offered to help them out with Sparkle. The dog was underweight and needed a veterinarian checkup, and when the rescue representatives explained that Sparkle would get a vet visit, appropriate medications and food, and be placed in a loving forever home, the boys knew the rescue was the best place for her.
“You could tell they really love this dog,” said Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue founder Theresa Sumpter. “They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”
That good place was a foster home where Sparkle was cared for, fed good food regularly and allowed plenty of exercise. With this attention and love, the little dog blossomed.
Finally, Sparkle was able to play and roll in the grass as dogs should and not be tied up to a house, abandoned by her owners and left to starve.
Sparkle began to fill out and looked like a healthy, active dog. The four boys who rescued her gave her the chance to be adopted into a home where she will never worry or want for food, shelter or love.
These boys were raised to be caring children and animal advocates, and their actions saved this dog's life. Watch the video below of the interview WDIV Local 4 in Detroit did with these young heroes.

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