Stop watching Fido chew his paws. Give him Omega-3 instead

Occasionally, all dogs lick and even nibble on their paws, trying to get at something that is bothering them. On the other hand, a dog constantly chewing its toes, especially until they appear to bleed, should not be a normal sight.
Veterinary doctor Patty Khuly says dogs may chew their paws for a number of different reasons: a wound, food allergies, an infection or an allergic skin disease.
Most dry dog foods lack fatty acids because they are processed at high temperatures. This lack of fatty acids in the diet may also cause your pet to chew on its toes and paws. Giving your canine friend a fatty acid supplement could put a stop to its paw chewing.
The fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 act as an anti-inflammatory. They also help reduce allergic reactions, reducing the need for paw chewing. Project Paws produces Omega-3-6-9 chews that contain all three fatty acids and a taste dogs enjoy.
Quality is important to those at Project Paws, so veterinarians joined together to develop the formula. The company uses krill meal for the Omega-3 source because it is easier on the dog's stomach and is a more concentrated source of Omega-3.
Omega-6 acts as an anti-inflammatory and treats dry skin, keeping your canine's nose moist and paw pads free of cracks. Without the cracks in the paw pads, outside allergens can't enter and create a problem. Omega-6 is a plant-based fatty acid, so Project Paws uses borage oil, safflower oil and evening primrose oil as its sources.
If your dog is excessively chewing its paws, take it to see the vet first. You might find that all your dog needs is a little bit of "fat" in its diet.

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