Woman went out for a drive and came across a drenched dog with an anchor around his neck

What should have been an enjoyable drive along a river turned out far differently. Audra Petraškienė of Lithuania was out for a drive when she saw something unthinkable – a drenched dog with an anchor around his neck.
Fortunately, the tale doesn't end there. Like many, Petraškienė could not just continue driving without helping the poor animal. Instead, she pulled over and rushed to rescued the dog from the anchor, according to The Animals Page.
As best Petraškienė could tell, someone had tied the anchor around the dog's neck and had tossed him into the river to drown. Somehow Toriuk, the dog, managed to swim to shore and drag himself out of the river. There he sat, shivering, when Petraškienė found him.
She gathered up Toriuk and took him to the veterinarian for a checkup and to get the anchor off his neck. After confirming that Toriuk was okay, the vet informed her that the anchor weighed 13 pounds. Petraškienė filed a complaint with the authorities.
After some searching, they found his owner, who had reported the dog missing several days prior. I Love My Dog So Much reports that authorities suspect the owner's neighbor may have been responsible for the attempted drowning. The authorities have the neighbor in custody, and he is awaiting trial. As for Toriuk, he is at home with his owner, happy and healthy.

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