Vet spends night in the doghouse to prove just how cold it gets out there for dogs

Veterinarian Ernie Ward, in an attempt to educate pet owners and save animal lives, spent part of a night in the doghouse. Because many owners seem to think that the pets' fur coats insulate them and protect them from the cold, Ward did his best to make his test fair. He wore full winter garb for his stay in the doghouse.
He made it a little more than four hours before his shivering and numb limbs forced him to abandon the experiment and return to civilized conditions. Here are the highlights of his night.
The temperature in the doghouse started off at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. After 25 minutes, Ward was shivering slightly, trying to stay warm. Ice crystals began forming on the inside of the doghouse 32 minutes into the experiment.
Throughout the four hours Ward spent in the doghouse, he could only manage to maintain a temperature within the structure ranging from 17 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
To survive cold nights, wild animals often gather together in packs, sharing body heat. Others burrow down below the freezing point of the ground. Dogs in a doghouse do not have those options. After one hour, he experienced numbing in his feet. His right leg was numb at 90 minutes.
The ground sapped the heat out of any portion of his body touching it. Ward took his temperature three hours into his stay, and his body temperature had fallen to 93.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Four hours into the experiment, his hands were numb and he was shivering uncontrollably.
Ward ended the experiment right after four hours with the conclusion that no animal should suffer like did. Pets are cherished companions that deserve love and care. If you see one shivering outside in the cold, Ward challenges you to notify the authorities.

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