Baby's cries at being left at a shelter melt hearts and find her a new home

When a puppy gets adopted it's supposed to be a forever home, filled with love, warm beds and puppy kisses. Some dogs, however, don't get such a happy ending. Baby, a 7-year-old pit bull Dalmatian mix, was surrendered by her family to Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Derwood, Maryland. It was the only family she had ever known, but they said they could no longer care for her. Just a few weeks before Christmas, she was alone.
Baby was heartbroken at being abandoned and showed her despair by crying every night in her kennel. As the other dogs settled down for the night, Baby would begin her anguished cries. Shelter workers caught them on video and broadcast it on the shelter's facebook page in hopes of quickly finding Baby a new home.
"Meet Baby, the dog with the saddest cries you'll ever hear," workers said in the video's introduction. They went on to say that Baby was "sweet and mild" although shy to open up to new people. But she sang the blues every night when left alone.
The power of social media was in full force and Baby's heart-wrenching cries were heard far and wide. The video has been viewed more than half a million times and garnered more than three thousand comments, the majority from people begging to adopt her.
A good Samaritan came forward and paid Baby's adoption fee, paving the way for her adoption. The day before Christmas Baby's cries were answered and she was adopted into a new and loving home.

Love comes in all forms, and especially in the form of rescue pets.
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