Bella given new life through amazing rescue

Neglect is ugly. The individual suffers alone without any interaction to help break up the monotony of each passing day. Animals are no different, suffering the same as humans.
The suffering for animals may be even more cruel in that they cannot communicate their pain and suffering to others in hopes of getting help. Often, the suffering animals slip under the radar. Bella is one of the fortunate ones, getting rescued from her life of solitude.
Bella, thought to be a border collie, according to YouTube, spent the first three to four years of her life in a public pound in Romania, void of any kind of interaction with people or even other dogs.
Howl of a Dog, a nonprofit dog rescue organization in Romania whose mission is to rescue dogs and help them find loving homes anywhere in the world, rescued Bella and gave her the adorable name.
So thrilled with the human touch and interaction, Bella quickly fell asleep in her rescuer's arms and slept all the way to the veterinarian office. The veterinarians gave Bella a complete physical so they could help restore her health.
Her time in the public pound left her infested with fleas, requiring a medicated bath to eliminate them.
Bella got her first pedicure and began experiencing love and affection.
She then went to live at Howl of a Dog pet rescue. The rescue worked on getting her healthy and finding her a loving home.
Because she had spent her entire life in a pound, Bella needed time to acclimate to life and new surroundings. Even the smallest things scared her.
Howl of a Dog found a home in Germany for Bella. She has a four-legged friend named Bumble along with a loving family. Bella is one of the fortunate dogs, rising from a public Romanian pound to a happy family pet.​

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