Booboo the guinea pig and friends

DeviantArt photographer and artist Megan van der Elst, also known as meganjoy, has captured the imagination of a wide audience with her work capturing the beauty of the natural world. This artist is perhaps best known, however, for her muse and main model – a guinea pig named Booboo. An entire page of van der Elst's gallery is dedicated to the whimsical and sweet pictures of this guinea pig, along with her other guinea pig friends.
The photographs of Booboo and her buddies are so artistic and professional that if guinea pig modeling were a thing, Booboo would surely rule the runway. These imaginative shots frame this cute creature with roses and daisies in her hair or glorying in holiday celebrations with Santa hats or Easter bunny ears. Booboo's life is a happy and full one; the 2-year-old guinea pig loves to eat, sleep and pose for the camera. She weighs about two pounds, and her favorite foods are carrots and chicory.
When asked how she gets Booboo and the other guinea pigs to stay still long enough to photograph, van der Elst says that her pets are chill and calm and don't run around too much. “They just don’t move a lot in front of the camera. I guess I am lucky with that!” explains van der Elst.
Although the other guinea pigs do a respectable job staying quiet for pictures, Booboo is the queen pig. According to van der Elst, “She [Booboo] also doesn’t walk, stays if you put her somewhere till you pick her up again.”
It turns out that Booboo has a diva and supermodel streak in her attitude as she typically spurns the company of her fellow guinea pigs. “She’s not that social to other guinea pigs," van der Elst states. “I would say [she’s] a spirited lady.”
Booboo revels in her role as a leading lady, but she can occasionally be challenging for her owner. Booboo is “quite spoiled and often not interested in things,” says van der Elst. That said, van der Elst praises her prize subject as having a “strong and unique character."
Even if she buys into her own hype sometimes, there is no denying that Booboo is naturally photogenic. “She’s the perfect model, cooperative, versatile and very relaxed,” van de Elst says of Booboo. Hopefully, van de Elst will soon share more beautiful pictures of this adorable little animal.
Check out more pictures of Booboo and van der Elst's work at her DeviantArt gallery. More photos of Booboo and her friends can also be seen in the sweet video below.

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