Cosmo steps inside home for the first time

Most dogs have a home and family that they belong to where they can feel comfortable and secure. They may have toys, food and water bowls, treats, and probably a favorite member of the family they enjoy snuggling with at night. Too many dogs, however, never get to experience the joys of living inside a house with a loving family. Cosmo was one of those dogs, but through the loving care of his rescue and his new owner, he found the home he deserves.
A breeder surrendered the nearly 3-year-old, 130-pound Saint Bernard named Cosmo to Hearts United for Animals rescue in Auburn, Nebraska. There was no reason given for the surrender, and although the rescue welcomed Cosmo with open arms and hearts, staff had a realistic worry: Who would adopt a gentle giant like Cosmo? As a large, heavy dog, he would require a special living situation, and that would call for a particular family. Thankfully, the right family saw Cosmo at the right time.
Geoff saw Cosmo's picture and description online and shared them with his wife, Jayne. They both immediately agreed that Cosmo belonged with their family of two children, two dogs and a few large rex rabbits. The only catch was that Cosmo was in Nebraska and Geoff and Jayne lived in upstate New York. Jayne and her sister decided to fly to Nebraska, rent a car and drive Cosmo across the country to his new home.
In conjunction with The Dodo and Hearts United for Animals, Jayne documented her first meeting with Cosmo and their trip to New York. It is clear Cosmo knows he is in the right hands with his new owner from the first moment he sees her. From that point on, Cosmo encountered a series of "firsts."
Cosmo learned how to handle car rides and bathroom breaks, and when he arrived at his new home, he met his new canine buddies, the energetic Poppy and the older Grendel. Both dogs welcomed Cosmo with open paws. For probably the first time in his life, Cosmo stepped inside a home and realized he was safe, secure, and loved.
Within days, Cosmo made himself at home. He immediately took to Jayne's two young children, blissfully watched the rabbits hop around the house and began to wrestle with Poppy in the backyard. Cosmo also found water bowls more to his size and height, namely the toilet bowls on the first floor of the house. This gentle giant is still figuring out stairs, but that is not uncommon for large breed dogs such as the Saint Bernard.
Because of some open-hearted, loving rescuers and one family who saw a dog in need of a home, Cosmo is living the life every dog deserves. Watch Cosmo's adoption video below to see some of the other adventures and "firsts" he has experienced with his new family.

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