Dog saved from drowning by helpful dolphins

A dog nearly drowned in a canal in Marco Island, Fla., before he was rescued by dolphins in the most amazing way. The dog, a Doberman, fell into the canal, and there were no people around to notice him.
He continued to swim in hopes of rescue, but it became harder and harder for him to do so the longer he stayed stranded in the water. He was in the canal for hours, but he couldn't drink the water because it was saltwater, which would only have dehydrated him further.
Finally, a pod of dolphins came to the dog's rescue. They swam near the canal and saw the dog was in distress. They began to make as much noise as possible in hopes that someone nearby would hear them and rescue the pup. Luckily, many people living in the area heard their call, came out to investigate and saw the stranded dog.
Firefighters arrived on the scene and the dog was soon saved. They estimated that the poor pooch had been stuck in the canal for more than 15 hours and that, without the help of the dolphins, he might not have survived.
This story is truly a testament to the incredible intelligence and compassion of these noble creatures.
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