Dumped and left to die: Rescuer finds mother dog and puppies tied in sack on dirt road

Brazilian animal rescuer Josiane Almeida has seen a lot of horrific things in her job, but even she was upset over what she found on a recent call. Someone had tied a mother dog into a sack with just her head sticking out and dumped her in the middle of a lonely dirt road. A black and white puppy clung to her, crying.
Almeida and her husband didn't know if the mother would let them approach to rescue her, but as they slowly neared she growled only a bit protectively but didn't appear menacing. She seemed grateful for this scrap of human kindness.
As they attempted to cut the bag from around the patient mamma dog's neck, they discovered the sack also contained three more puppies, all too young to be on their own. Almeida couldn't believe someone had discarded this dog and her litter in such a cruel way. They could have easily been run over instead of rescued or simply slowly died of starvation.
"Some of the worst scenes of mistreatment I've ever witnessed," she wrote in a post.
The rescuers freed the dog and pups from the sack and rushed them home, where they began to recover. They discovered that although the resilient pups were weak and hungry, they were in pretty good shape. But the docile mom was malnourished and suffering from a malignant growth that required immediate attention. With the help of a social media campaign they were able to raise funds to begin her treatment.
The couple cared for the pups and their mother until they were able to go to good homes, a long way from the middle of a deserted dirt road.
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