After living a torturous life this doggy finally gets to enjoy his first snack

In August 2013, the second largest multi-state dog fighting bust occurred across Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued 367 dogs in the main raid. During the ensuing months, authorities gathered more information and saved other dogs and some of the original group gave birth to puppies. In total, 486 dogs were rescued from a life of terror and cruelty.
One of the original 367 canines was a pit bull named Chester. He was taken to a rescue called Plenty of Pit Bulls, where he was placed in a foster home to learn how to live in a healthy family environment. Eventually, the dog was adopted by dog trainer Andrea Kilkenny and her family, including three other dogs and two cats. Renamed Finn, the dog moved to New Jersey to begin a new life.
With the love and care of his new family, Finn – also known as The Mighty Finn – has blossomed. Kilkenny said Finn “has made lots of friends, both human and canine. We are just amazed at how well he is doing, and his confidence grows daily. He loves meeting new people and is very gentle. We are hoping that he will become a therapy dog in the future.” Finn has earned his Good Canine Citizens award and is taking classes to prepare him for his future work as a therapy dog.
The story of how Finn first reacted to a piece of pizza crust started when Kilkenny videotaped his reaction to the doughy treat. Until he was rescued, Finn had no concept of dog treats, much less human food, but that soon changed when he was introduced to the carb-loaded goodness in pizza crust. Generally, Finn is a quiet guy who loves snuggling with his furry siblings and lounging and napping in sunny areas. Give him a piece of pizza crust, however, and a whole new dog emerges.
In the video, Finn is given a piece of crust. Suddenly, he is wheeling about the room in pure happiness, nearly running into the walls on numerous occasions. Finn is so happy to have this snack he has a case of what Kilkenny calls the "pizza zoomies." The joy the dog exudes in this video is heartwarming and funny.
After Finn zooms around the room a few times, he pauses to eat the crust. Then he looks around for any crumbs that have fallen and finds a precious morsel that dropped behind him. He zooms over to get it, chows down and dutifully returns to Kilkenny. After a moment where he cocks his head and looks at his owner with big, pleading eyes, Finn gets another snack and races off with exuberance.
Finn went from a life of misery to the life every dog deserves. Watch the video below to share in his happiness, and follow Finn's daily adventures on his Facebook page.

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