Give your dog a bone: Broth made from bones is great for senior dogs' nutrition

If you haven't heard about the nothing-short-of-miraculous benefits of bone broth, you must be living under a rock. The broth, either premade or cooked at home, is said to have a plethora of health benefits for humans, from improving joint health and reducing inflammation to providing needed amino acids and nutrients.
Turns out, it's good for your senior dog too. Like people, dogs slow down in their old age and need different nutrition than puppies or young dogs. Their joints get stiff and they may start to lose weight, partly from bad teeth or gum disease. Adding bone broth to their diet could put a little pep in their step.
Plus, what dog doesn't love bones? A big part of what dogs love about bones is the tasty marrow, which is rich in nutrition. Dogs are no dummies! Adding bone broth to a senior dog's dry food can help to soften it and make it easier for it to chew. If your dog is feeling under the weather, a bowl of bone broth could be just the thing to temp it to eat. It can be made from any kind of bones, be it beef, chicken, pork or fish. Let your dog decide which is its favorite.
One of the beneficial vitamins found in bone broth is vitamin C, which has antioxidant powers to reduce painful rheumatoid inflammation. It also contains minerals such as magnesium, which can increase bone density and relax stiff muscles.
A main ingredient in bone broth is gelatin, which comes from the cartilage and connective tissues attached to the bone and reduced during cooking. If you make bone broth at home you'll notice it will turn gelatinous when it cools. Just zap it quickly in the microwave to return it to a soupy state before serving.
As always, check with your vet before adding bone broth to your senior dog's diet. If he gives it a green light, your dog will thank you.