Jaxon Rose the German Shepherd has all the right dance moves

Talk about being a good sport! Jaxon Rose's owner Stephanie Walton decided to make a cute video with her pup dancing to Flo Rida's hit song "Low." How does Jaxon Rose feel about that? Well, from the looks of the video, pretty comfortable.
What at first may look like a spontaneous move is quickly recognizable as a fun trick of the camera in this adorable video. Jaxon Rose's mom filmed her as her ears were moved in time to the music. Still, the effect is great, as it makes her look like she's about to burst out into song and dance at any moment.
Jaxon Rose and Stephanie have had a lot of exciting fun since the video went viral. The pup got nominated for a Golden Bone Award, the video was shown on "Good Morning America" and both owner and dog got to meet Betty White. If that isn't fame, it's hard to define what is.

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