Jimmy Craig, the cartoonist who discovered that animals can indeed talk

Man has understood for years that animals communicate with one another through songs, chirps, dances and smells. Man and animals have even figured out how to communicate with one another. What man has not been able to do is translate into human words what animals say to one another –until now.
Jimmy Craig is an animal cartoonist from the Boston area who puts animal conversations down on paper so everyone can enjoy them. His comic They Can Talk capture snapshots of animal life and the conversations that would go with them.
Although Craig has been involved in scripted comedy throughout his life, he told Life with Cats, "Things really started for me after creating a handful of viral videos … which led to other writing and production opportunities." Thus began his fame in animal comics.
Craig makes time every Sunday night to sit down and write a new comic, refusing to get up until the comic is complete. Each comic takes roughly two hours to create, and he uses real animals for inspiration. He is deliberate in creating each comic, taking time to think about what the animals are thinking and possibly saying, yet grateful when "an idea will randomly pop in my head." His in-law's cats inspire a number of his comics, even though he personally sees himself as a dog person.
His affinity for animal cartoons is by design. "I love comics and I love animals, but I’m not very good at drawing people – specifically hands and feet. Nobody really seems to notice if a paw is drawn incorrectly,” he told Huffpost. When asked which animal he thinks best describes him, he replied, "Probably a tortoise, because they live so long and they seem really laid-back."
Even though Craig may compare himself to a tortoise, there is nothing laid-back about his ambition. His Facebook page has more than 485,000 likes and more than 490,000 followers. He is not content with just an online presence, though. "I’d love to walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelf or see the spot where the book was supposed to be before it sold out. That’d be cool,” he told Huffpost.
Craig's dream become a reality in 2018, when he published his first book. "They Can Talk: A Collection of Comics about Animals" contains 100 different animal comics, 40 of which can only be found in the book. Craig seems to have truly discovered that animals can talk and has found a way to share their conversations with the world.