Marco the blind pit bull receives life-changing cataract surgery

Sometimes the pets that end up in animal shelters are in rough physical shape. Some pets don't receive health care for years, and during that time, health conditions can get out of control. The problem is, many shelters have limited funds for treatment, and when surgery is involved, they may have to pick and choose the pets that receive medical care.
When Marco, a pit bull, was rescued, he was one of those dogs who needed care. Marco was dangerously skinny and covered in mange, a skin condition. The biggest problem, though, was that Marco had cataracts that were so severe they blinded him.
Medication and a new diet took care of Marco's mange and helped him to gain some weight. But Marco would need expensive surgery to eliminate the cataracts. GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center staff knew that the chances of Marco making a recovery and finding a forever home were pretty slim.
But sometimes, guardian angels come along just when an animal needs them most. When Georgia Obenaus met Marco, she felt an immediate connection with the special dog and vowed to get Marco healthy and find him a forever family.
Both Obenaus and the rescue group worked to get Marco healthy. Finally, the last task was to raise enough money to afford Marco's cataract surgery. As news of Marco's story spread around the world, people began to donate to his online fund. Soon, the fund was large enough to cover his surgery.
With Marco once again able to see, one would think that he'd quickly find an adoptive home. But adopters didn't come along right away until one couple who had donated to Marco's cause learned he was still up for adoption. They were quick to act and give Marco the loving home he deserves.

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