Check out these sweet napping dogs that are too cute to disturb

An old saying goes, "Let sleeping dogs lie." That phrase originally applied to the concept of remaining neutral in a situation where there isn't a problem but where a problem may occur through interference. In this case, however, the phrase is meant to be literal because dogs are adorable when they nap, whenever they nap and however they nap.
Sometimes dogs sleep in the silliest positions, such as in a dog bed that is too small or large; sometimes dogs sleep in the sweetest ways, curled up with their favorite person or furry sibling. Humorous or adorable, the following 10 pictures of dogs napping are bound to brighten your day.
1. No Pillow? No Problem!
This sweet puppy is using a banana for a pillow as he falls asleep on the floor. The banana might not be as comfy as a pillow, but this little guy doesn't seem to mind. The fruit is just the right size for the puppy's head.
2. Have space, will nap.
Have you ever been envious of those people who can fall asleep on the spot, regardless of what is happening around them? The golden retriever puppies in this photo have that special talent, too. As long as there is room to stretch out, these pups will sleep even on the go.
3. If I fit, I nap (Part 1)
In this picture, the Boston terrier puppy is so tiny she fits into the palm of this person's hand. That is all the space the puppy needs to drift off into a restful and incredibly cute sleep.
4. Okay, the cat can stay.
This adorable trio looks like a set of Russian nesting dolls. Take one golden retriever, one cream-colored retriever and one cat, and you have a group of best friends who make napping look positively professional. This group appears so comfy, who wouldn't want to snuggle alongside them?
5. If I fit, I nap (Part 2)
A guitar case might not be an obvious selection for a napping spot, but this dog fits so perfectly into the space he makes it look like a fantastic idea. This dog is snoozing and completely comfortable all curled up in what is, for him, the right place.
6. Nothing beats napping with your best friend.
The only thing that makes a nap better is if you've got a best friend to snuggle with. In this adorable picture, a young child naps sprawled out with his devoted puppy fast asleep at this side. Both boy and dog have peaceful expressions on their faces; they have complete trust in each other as they drift into a deep sleep.
7. How is this comfortable?
This dog's sleeping position hardly seems comfortable, but apparently it works for him. He must prefer a firm pillow for his head, and the bedside table was the best spot he could find. To each pup its own napping style.
8. This puppy is flat-out asleep.
When you are comfortable and secure in the place where you are napping, you can let it all hang out, just like the dog in this photo. Clearly at ease, this dog is in la-la-land while asleep on his back with his legs out at his sides. Sweet dreams, pup!
9. Catch a nap when and where you can.
This Shar-Pei mama has her paws full caring for five babies, so it's no wonder that she grabs a nap whenever and wherever she can – even sitting upright. The family napping portrait in this picture is beyond cute.
10. This dog is living the dream.
Wouldn't everyone like to be this dog at this moment? Arlo, a golden retriever, has the right idea. Find that perfect spot on the deck by the water and nap to your heart's content!
Dogs steal people's hearts even when they are fast asleep. Need more cute pictures of dogs napping? Check out the video below for cute dogs and cats as they fall asleep, and the next time your dog naps, get him a pillow that is better than a banana.

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