These puppies mean serious business as they start their first day of work

Although a common phrase, it is nonetheless true: People don't deserve dogs. Aside from being steadfast and loyal companions, best friends and exercise partners, dogs have incredible abilities and instincts. These talents allow many canines to excel as service dogs for veterans, people with disabilities, guide dogs and military dogs.
Everyone – dogs included – has to start somewhere, and everyone has a first day on the job. Many service dogs begin training when they are puppies, and sometimes pictures are captured of the starting point of their journey. Check out these pictures of 10 adorable puppies as they begin to travel their path of service on day one.
1. New employee photo ID pose
Quest, a puppy in training for the First Responder Task Force, is seen here with his partner, Officer Matt Cooper. This little guy may have large ears and paws, but he will grow into them quickly and someday, Quest will be a brave, dedicated police dog.
2. First Lesson on Day 1: Follow the Leader
This adorable puppy carries the leash behind an older service dog. This dog, sporting a service dog vest, is already setting a good example for the puppy to follow. Start using that nose, little pooch.
3. How do I look in my uniform?
Bear, a 4-month-old German shepherd, is training to be a military service dog. His first day on the job included trying on this handsome uniform. In no time at all, Bear will be serving his country and protecting as many people as possible.
4. Hero in training
Ashley is a beautiful pup training to be a service dog with the Hero Dogs organization. Here she strikes a pretty pose while taking a quick break on her first day. When Ashley completes her training, she will become a service dog to someone with PTSD, autism, seizures or anxiety.
5. Starting with a sloppy kiss
Zin is a service dog for Luke, a young boy who has Tourette syndrome and anxiety. On his first day, Zin met his new best friend for life and sealed the deal with a cute kiss. When Zin completes his training, he will help Luke navigate all the challenges and difficulties that lie ahead.
6. Moo are you?
Imagine meeting a large cow on your first day at work. Maverick, a puppy training to be a service dog, came face to face with a bovine friend. In the picture, he reacts cautiously and keeps his curiosity under control. Those are excellent qualities for a service dog, and it looks as if Maverick has a successful future.
7. Passed out puppies
Service dogs in training Deacon and Stone had a full schedule on their first day around town. First, they went to Target to practice working in a loud, distracting environment. Then, it was off to a local elementary school for training around children. After all that excitement, it's no wonder they took a nap in the car on the way home.
8. Meeting a best friend for life
Miksa, a 5-month-old Samoyed, is training to be a service dog for her owner, veteran Tanya. The bond between veteran and puppy has already begun, and this picture is evidence that these two souls were meant to be together.
9. Taking a break
Lovely Lucy is training to be a service dog through Hero Dogs. On her first day, she took a well-deserved break and laid down on the floor for a bit to soak in the sights and sounds.
10. Yu'll grow into it
This little police academy trainee has quite a bit of growing to do before he can fit into this uniform; after all, it is only the first day. Despite the newness, he looks attentive, focused and ready for anything, and has all the makings of a top service dog.
Do you need more pictures of puppies on their first day on the job? Then check out the video below for more cuteness overload practically guaranteed to make you smile.

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