These two dogs connected and became instant BFFs

Bethany Coleman had no idea what was in store for her when her terrier mix Rogue met Beast – and yet she realized the amazing connection was instantaneous. Rogue, a rescue pup, already had two older cat sisters, but when she saw Beast at a farmer's market, she jumped for joy. Beast looked just like her, and the dogs instantly bonded.
Though Coleman wasn't exactly looking for another pet, she saw the immediate connection between the two dogs and felt she couldn't deny the bond they shared. She quickly called her significant other to confirm the situation, and Rogue got to take Beast home that day.
Now, the pair is pretty much inseparable, as can be seen in the video of them running and playing on Coleman's Instagram. All in all, this story serves as a reminder that it's important to honor real connections found in the world, whether in people or in animals.

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