St. Bernard brothers Gunther, Gasket and Goliath find a forever home together

When the Edmonton Humane Society received not one, not two but three St. Bernard siblings that had been abandoned, they knew it could be a tough task to find them one new home. But brothers Gunther, Gasket and Goliath made it clear they needed to stay together.
The shelter staff quickly noticed that when the brothers were separated they became very anxious. After all, they had been deprived of the familiar home they grew up in; all they had was each other.
"Gasket, Gunther and Goliath are two-year-old Saint Bernards and while friendly and playful, their behaviour assessment showed signs of the trio being bonded with each other, experiencing stress and anxiety when separated. As a result, we are requiring they all go to the same home," the shelter posted on Instagram.
The shelter warned prospective adopters that the needs of the trio would be large, with food alone estimated to cost $300 per month. Undeterred, the response was overwhelming, with offers coming in from across the world. With more than 100 applications received on the first day alone, the shelter closed the application process while staff sorted it out and chose the best possible new home.
Luckily for the trio, they didn't have to travel far to their new home. A generous dog lover in Calgary, Alberta, was the lucky "winner" of the dogs. Now the trio can live together and enjoy the cold, snowy Canadian winter on their one-acre fenced yard. They might even find someone to rescue in the snow, even if it's just family!

Love comes in all forms, and especially in the form of rescue pets.
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