Toots dumped at shelter as former family goes on vacation

Can you imagine a family loving a dog for several years and then suddenly giving it up? Unfortunately, this does happen, and although it's hard to believe, a sweet dog named Toots actually lived out this sad tale.
When Toots was adopted in Hawaii several years ago, she probably never thought she'd end up back at a shelter. But that's exactly what happened to her. When her family decided to go on vacation, rather than taking Toots with them or leaving her with a trusted friend, they opted for the one of the worst options imaginable.
They dropped off this precious pup at a shelter with an overpopulation crisis and, as a result, a high-kill rate. Even worse – her family took their newer puppy on vacation with them afterward. It is unknown whether they already owned the puppy or if they adopted it while leaving Toots behind.
Although Toots' story is a sad one, it does get a little better. She was taken in by Chiquita's Friends rescue organization before the day ended. The rescue group hopes to place her with another family as soon as possible.
One can only hope Toots will soon find the family she's meant to be with: one that will love and cherish her forever. That's what every dog deserves.

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