Zipper, the dog with a quirky smile, needs a home

Sometimes the best pets have something just a little bit unusual about them. Maybe it's a quirky habit or a distinctive coat color. Or maybe it's a health issue that needs a little extra care. Whatever it is, it makes that pet special.
All shelter pets are special in their own way, and Zipper just happens to show her special trait in her smile. Zipper, who is between 7 and 8 years old, is available for adoption at Huntsville Animal Services in Alabama. Although her smile is a little bit unusual, it doesn't hold her back at all.
Zipper hardly seems to notice her unusual jaw because she eats just fine. She is house trained and good with other dogs, and she seems to be good with children, too. If you'd like to learn more about adopting Zipper, you can visit the shelter's Facebook page and give them a call.
Because Zipper looks a little bit different, it could make it challenging for her to find a new home. However, hopefully someone can see beyond appearances to the sweet dog that she really is. Zipper deserves a forever home – can you help her find one?

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