14-year-old shelter dog gets adopted before Christmas

Shelters can be frightening and confusing places for dogs. But many dogs – especially puppies – usually have a good chance of finding their forever families while they're in a shelter. For one 14-year-old black Lab mix, though, being dropped off at Dallas Animal Services was confusing.
Her intake card revealed some sobering information. The dog, named Peanut, had been dropped off just days after Thanksgiving. Her owner had requested that she be euthanized at the shelter.
The dog wasn't in good health when she arrived. She was underweight and had difficulty walking. Additionally, she was heartworm-positive.
But animal lovers and rescuers soon caught wind of the story. They took to social media and shared the dog's plight. And, as social media often has a way of doing, it connected the dog in need with a person determined to help her.
Tommy Bull of Crowley, Texas, was stunned when he read about the dog. Bull knew that the dog had everything going against her: She was black, a senior and heartworm positive. Many dogs are surrendered to shelters during the holidays, and it was clear that this dog had given up on life.
Determined to help Peanut, Bull contacted CAMO Rescue in Texas, and the rescue arranged for Bull to pick up the dog at the shelter. Shelter staff carried the wobbly dog out to Bull, and he hugged her so she would know she was safe.
Bull put the dog into his car and they drove home. Bull fell in love with the dog immediately, and his wife also bonded with the dog. The couple named the dog Ettie, short for Henrietta, and introduced her to their other rescue dogs. Ettie settled right in.
With the great care the Bulls provided, Ettie thrived. She gained weight eating nutritious canned food. The Bulls also started Ettie on medication to treat both her arthritis and her heartworm.
It's clear to see that Ettie loves her new home. She likes to wander around the backyard and explore. Plus, she loves to go on walks with the Bulls and their other dogs.
Ettie knows when she sees her leash that she's going outside. She'll come right up and wait for the Bulls to put her leash on. Then, she'll head out on the walk, picking up speed as she goes.
Even better is that Ettie finally has a forever home. The Bulls have officially adopted her and are showering her with the love and care that she deserves.
As word of Ettie's adoption spread, people on social media celebrated. Those who had originally shared news of Ettie's story were delighted to hear that she found a forever home. Ettie got the perfect holiday gift: a home for the holidays. ​
Bull wants anyone who's considering adopting a senior dog to know that they give so much back. Ettie is clearly grateful for every meal, walk and cuddle. She seems to know how lucky she is and adores her new family.

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