Owner heartlessly dumps dog on the side of the road

When a Good Samaritan in England happened upon something on the side of the road, they could hardly believe what they were seeing. The night was frigid, and the object on the side of the road was actually a dog. The Staffordshire terrier was huddled in a dog bed.
The Good Samaritan brought the dog to a local vet for safety and with the hope that the dog could be reunited with his owner. However, that plan changed dramatically. An RSPCA official checked surveillance cameras near the area where the dog was found and discovered chilling footage.
The video depicted a man getting out of his car, carrying the dog bed and leading the dog across the road. Then, the man put the bed on the pavement, unclipped the dog's leash and ran back to his car.
The dog, clearly distressed, ran back after the man and jumped at the car before its owner drove away.
The footage is heartbreaking, and depicts a panicked dog begging his owner to let him in the car. It's hard to understand how someone could possibly abandon a dog along the side of the road.
RSPCA inspector Natalie Perehovsky is investigating the case. In the meantime, the dog, who has been named Snoop, is receiving love and care at a local kennel. He's being showered with extra attention and loving every second of it.
Snoop was abandoned right around Christmastime. Thankfully, the Good Samaritan who found him didn't just drive by. Snoop didn't have to spend that frigid night scared and alone but was taken to safety.
Snoop is about 2 years old and he's sweet, loving and playful. He's doing very well at the kennel. He loves spending time around people, and it's hard to imagine how he could have been abandoned.
One positive has arisen from the situation: Snoop won't have any trouble finding a new home. As his story has gone viral, hundreds of people have reached out with offers to adopt him.
Snoop will certainly have his choice of suitable homes, but for now he's going to remain under the RSPCA's care while there's an open investigation trying to find the man who abandoned him.
The video footage reveals one man abandoning Snoop and a second person in the car's driver's seat. If anyone recognizes the car, the man or Snoop, please contact Natalie Perehovsky at the RSPCA.
Resources The Dodo and RSPCA

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