Costumed dog puts his mark on the media world

People love to photograph their pets doing all kinds of silly things, but how many people stage a scene, dress their puppy in a costume and do a photo shoot? Some may think this is an impossible task, but London photographer Ursula Aitchison begs to differ.
Aitchison began taking pictures of her golden retriever, Hugo, dressed in costume and posed and posted them on Facebook and Instagram a little over a year ago, according to My Modern Met. Aitchison states, "[My] phodography was inspired by my late great uncle and painter Craigie Aitchison and his beloved Bedlington terriers who were always by his side and in his work." The end result is a collection of pictures featuring Hugo in every situation imaginable.
Hugo's modeling career began as a puppy, with Aitchison buying him his first costume, a pair of tartan pajamas. She dressed him in them when he was just a few months old and took his picture. She continued to add to his costuming over time with glasses, hats and other accessories, posing him and snapping pictures.
Hugo appears to love all the attention that comes with posing, Aitchison tells My Modern Met. "He knows what’s going on the second I pull out an item of clothing, he usually gets excited because it means he’s going to get treats."
Most of the photo ideas are spontaneous, with Aitchison using whatever props are available.
Not every photo shoot goes the way Aitchison wants, though. Sometimes Hugo is tired and doesn't want to pose. "If he’s tired he rolls his eyes and walks next door to lay on the bed … so I have to wait for a better day," Aitchison says.
Sometimes Hugo doesn't think the photo shoot is going the way it should either. "When you said I could help with cleaning the plates I did not think you meant like this," says Hugo.
What began as a way to remember her great-uncle and capture the bond between man and animal has turned into even more. With more than 36,000 followers on Instagram, Hugo and Aitchison have carved out their own niche and are taking the media world by storm.