Artist uses Photoshop and Snapchat to make one-of-a-kind cat pictures

Technology opens the door for animal lovers to find more ways to immortalize their pets. Those with creativity oozing out their pores can put that technology to use, creating works for both their own and others' enjoyment.
Audrey Spencer, a media designer from the Brighton, Massachusetts, area, puts her artistic skills to work, producing cat pictures that are truly amazing. In an interview with Upvoted, Spencer says "“I spend a lot of time playing with the cats to get a good picture." This picture then becomes the inspiration for her art.
A single piece of art can take up to five hours to finish. Part of the time is spent coming up with the idea. "Sometimes it just comes to me. Other times, I have to position myself the way the cat is in the picture and think of what I might be doing in that position,” says Spencer.
The pieces that use Photoshop rather than Snapchat may require a number of cat photos to get the look she wants. Her picture of the panda took five cat photos in total to create as she pulled different pictures for his eyes, fur and mouth, states Bored Panda. Those done with Snapchat begin with a picture and then Spencer uses a Jot Pro stylus on her iPhone 5c to complete the drawing.
Spencer's cats, Oscar, Maya and Louie, are the subjects of her cat art and the loves of her life, but Maya appears to be the inspiration that began her jaunt into cat art. "She just lays so funny I could imagine her doing funny human things," Spencer tells Upvoted. Maya is the gray tabby cat featured below. Louie is the most recent addition to her cat family and is the face of the koala. The cat above is Oscar, her Norwegian Forest cat.
Whether Spencer is working with Snapchat or photoshop, her artwork is impressive. She seamlessly melds her cats into the art, creating pieces cat lovers around the world enjoy.