Couple turns downturn in fortune into dog dream job

For some, their dog is more than just a pet; it is a member of the family. When the family goes on vacation, the dog goes too. Their house is stocked with goodies and toys centering on their four-footed friend. Of course, pet owners have to go to work, and not all vacations lend themselves to taking animals. What happens to the dog then?
Dog daycare is the answer some people will say is the solution. A couple in Denmark has created a place where people can drop off their dogs while they at work, knowing that their pet will receive all the love and affection it needs. The owners may even get a photograph to remember those times.
Rolf Flor and Line bought their dream home in 2014. Shortly after, Flor lost his job as a photographer. Needing to find an alternative form of income, he and Line created a website for a dog daycare.
Flor and Line already had one dog named Philip, so adding a few more simply meant playmates for him.
Their venture began with just a few dogs and steadily expanded. Their family expanded along with the business as they adopted an Italian rescue dog named Rapido. He turned out to be quite photogenic and eventually became "a pro dog model."
Eddie then joined the group, making the family complete. He loves having all the other dogs there because "he has more dogs to boss around," Flor says.
The dogs left in Lina's and Rolf's care are happy. They have space to run around and other canines with which to play. Flor, ever the photographer, has kept his skills sharply honed, snapping photos of the dogs as they wrestle and play together.
On any given day, Flor can be found outside with the dogs, snapping photos. The business that started as a dog daycare and boarding business has expanded to include dog photography as well.
Flor has a studio where he takes his canine photos and works hard with his models, getting them to pose for every photo. Treats are their payment for a job well-done.
Of course, not every picture comes out exactly the way he wants, so Flor spends time editing the photographs to make them perfect. The finished products bring a smile to the pet owners' faces.
Rolf and Line aren't content to stop at just a dog daycare, boarding business and photography studio. They have plans to build a bigger, better daycare so they can better care for those who rescued them. Their plans center on the dogs but include a proper studio so Flor can continue to turn out quality dog portraits.
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