Merlin the blind kitten casts his spell on two men, finding himself a home

Everyone needs to be loved, and animals are no exception. Animals born with disabilities are often more difficult to adopt out, but when given the right opportunity, they can still find the perfect fit.
Merlin, a gray Munchkin cat, is one such animal. He was born blind and taken to the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia, reports Love Meow. Dropped off when he was just a kitten, Merlin had the good fortune of finding the right fit with Elliot and Nathaniel Green.
About two years ago, Elliot and Nathaniel went to the Humane Society in hopes of adopting a Siamese kitten. Fortunately for Merlin, "All the Siamese kittens were either on hold or adopted, but thankfully, the lady helping us out thought Merlin would be the perfect fit," Elliot told Love Meow.
It was love at first snuggle as Merlin curled up in Elliot's arms and immediately began to purr. Elliot and Nathaniel filled out the paperwork and took him home.
Being blind didn't hold Merlin back. "The first thing he did was sniff around and get used to the area," reports Love Meow. Just like blind people, the kitten's other senses compensated for his lack of sight. According to Elliot, once Merlin had been in a space, he remembered where everything was.
Merlin quickly settled into his new home, taking over the couch, table, bed and even his dad's computer.
He is full grown now and no bigger than a water bottle. His tiny size makes him a perfect fit for a satchel, scoring him a ride when the guys are on the move.
At home, Merlin's blindness doesn't deter him. He's inquisitive just like any cat. He climbs into bags, jumps, plays and rolls around. His tiny size just lets him get into smaller spaces.
Of course, as part of the family, nothing is sacred, including the morning coffee cup. Knowing this, the Greens have taken to putting out a cup filled with water just for Merlin. That way he doesn't feel left out.
At the end of the day, Merlin climbs into bed and go fast to sleep. Merlin the blind Munchkin, who turns 2 in April, wormed his way into the hearts of two guys looking for a kitten to love. Merlin may not be perfect, but he is purrfectly lovable, and that is all that really matters.