Artist illustrates what pets of famous characters would look like in real life (5+ photos)

The combination of pets and art doesn't have to just be relegated to photos of live animals. Drawings of animals, both real and imagined, can become valuable art as well, as digital artist Aleksei Vinogradov has discovered.
Vinogradov studied costume design at Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, Urban-Muse reports. During his time there he produced six years of material. Although he does still sketch with pencil and pen on occasion, he has discovered that a PC, color wheel and various brushes give him the end product he most desires in his art.
Shifting the focus of his art to the freelance world and using social media to connect with the world at large, Vinogradov has gained quite a following with more than 121,000 followers on Instagram. One collection that has caused quite the stir features fictional characters and their imagined pets.
Vinogradov's drawing of Batman features Christian Bale. Batman's pet is the animal that inspired Bruce Wayne to become Batman in the first place, a bat.
Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones," is depicted with the direwolf pup Ghost. It takes effort to capture details and bring drawings to life. "It is necessary to watch and study great masters a lot. It is also useful to make quick sketches that help to understand the movement," Vinogradov says.
It should not come as a surprise seeing pictures like this one that features Mila Jovovich as Leeloo from "Fifth Element" to learn that "music inspires a lot of different things and, of course, women’s faces," Vinogradov notes. According to Charactour, Leeloo has an innocence about her that makes this orange and white puppy the perfect pet.
Natalie Portman portrays Mathilda, the 12-year-old who is learning the assassin's trade in the movie "Léon: The Professional." The black cat makes a spunky, dark companion for this child who wants to be an assassin.
Jennifer Lawrence is Mystique from the X-Men series. Mystique is a shape-shifter that has used her powers since she was young, so no one knows how old she really is. Because her true form features blue skin and red hair, her pet was made to look just like her.
The face of Ron Perlman stares out as the hero Hellboy. Although his appearance seems like he should be a villain, looks can be deceiving. Appropriately, Vinogradov thinks Hellboy's fictional pet is a devil.
Vinogradov says his muses are music and women's faces. Although "the main thing is to just sit down and start drawing," he finds it inspiring to draw to "different music and emotions." One can easily imagine the theme music for each movie playing as he sketched out each of these pieces.