Photographer snaps pics of cuddling cats

Animal photography is an exciting yet familiar form of art, as most people have pets or at least enjoy looking at cute pictures of animals. This photographer, Orin, got such adorable images that he was concerned people would think they were staged.
Orin visited Istanbul, Turkey, for two weeks and was stunned by the number of cats that roamed the streets. These cats weren't skittish like stray cats are in so many other countries; rather, Turkish cats will often come up to humans and let people pet them.
Orin was fascinated by the cats' comfortable nature. "I believe it is a reflection of the warm hearts of the Turkish people," he says. The people of Turkey "have taken it upon themselves to care for these animals, feeding them and even building them adorable houses."
As Orin was walking along the Bosporus one day during his trip, he noticed something amazing. Two cats seemed to be huddled together, even cuddling one another. He described them as being absolutely inseparable. He immediately got out his camera to photograph them, even though he wasn't sure people would believe the image wasn't staged.
Orin wondered if the cats might have been huddled together for warmth, but then why would they choose to sit atop this wall where they were exposed to the wind and other elements?
When he thought more about whether or not people would believe the photo was real, he asked himself, "Who could ever possibly pose cats like this? Who would even try? Life’s too short for that!"
While in Turkey, Orin saw many more cats other than the two cuddling cuties. In every cafe, he said, there was usually a cat on the table. People "eat and sip chai around them." The cat photographed here "hardly lifted his head to say 'hello'" and "was in no way threatened by the bustling cafe."
Because he travels often from his home in California, Orin isn't able to have a pet of his own, but he says he's always wanted one. He encourages travelers to visit Turkey to get their dose of furry companionship and states he "can't wait to return" to see his cat friends again.